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Norfolk Sands is a voluntary group of parents who have all experienced the death of a baby either in pregnancy, during or soon after birth. The exact details of our losses vary widely; however, we all share the common experience of grieving for our children and trying to find a way to live with our loss.

Our aim is to offer support, understanding, comfort and most importantly, a listening ear. We are able to offer support via email, social media and telephone or you are very welcome to come to our support meetings*.

Our support meetings are very informal and held in a relaxed atmosphere. You can talk, share experiences or just listen. Our group is there for parents, their families, friends and anyone else affected by the death of a baby, no matter how long ago or recent the loss.

*Please see the Meetings page for details of support meetings and how to make contact with us.

We also offer other support services to hospitals in the area through the provision of memory boxes and specialist training for midwives and hospital staff. Our befrienders also attend specialist training to enable our support meetings to be held.

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